We sell free-range Pork, Lamb and eggs direct from our farm in Lignières-Orgères 53140.


About our farm and how we work:

We are a husband and wife team running the farm here at De La Terre, myself Amy and my husband James. Our top priority is to have the happiest of animals, something that has become our main focus of everything we do here at De La Terre. For this reason, we limit the number of animals on our farm as we like to provide large free range areas to ensure they have access to forage and variety. We are NOT a large commercial farm able to keep up with the demand and supply of supermarkets or large scale mass producing farms. This means we only have a limited amount of produce to sell and cannot guarantee availability. If you would like to ensure availability please contact us to pre-order so we can place your items aside. The price list below shows the produce we have when available. If you would like to ensure you are informed when our fresh deliveries arrive, please send us a message with your email address.

Next date for fresh Pork, Merguez and lamb chipolatas: 5th July

Please contact us to arrange a collection time

Events to find us at:

7th July: Kates Kitchen Garden, 61570 Médavy

14th July: Putanges-Pont-Écrepin 61210